Accelerated Hiring

Hire fast with zero compromises

Expedite the pace of your hiring using BarRaiser AI to create highly effective and productive teams. Fastrack the entire process right from scheduling to hiring

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Prompt and detailed interviewer feedback

Eliminate the waiting time for gathering feedback from the interviewers using BarRaiser Smart Feedback recommendations. Time to fill feedback is now reduced to just 1-2 mins with BarRaiser AI. Feedback is directly passed into your ATS ensuring minimal process change.

BarRaiser Accelerated Hiring images
BarRaiser Accelerated Hiring images

Hiring Managers & Recruiters go hand in hand

Recruiters and hiring managers collaborate like never before. BarRaiser Global Scorecard lets the team take collective hiring decision, driven by data rather than intuition

No more confusion with your next hire

Share the BarRaiser Global Scorecard with your peers for second opinion and be confident about your next hire

BarRaiser Scorecard for every candidate
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Convert more candidates from the funnel

Showcase your culture and principles consistently and in an efficient way to your candidates with BarRaiser interview assistant. Let the candidates connect to your company values during the interview process

Spend less time Scheduling

No more back and forth calling for scheduling. BarRaiser smart scheduling allows candidates to book their interviews at their convenience enabling recruiters to handle a lot more candidates at once.
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Value addition throughout your team
Hiring is a collective effort, we revolutionize the hiring process for your team

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Accelerated Hiring

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