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Our Core Features


AI powered Technology

Interview Assistant

Getting real-time recommendations on follow-up questions in the ongoing discussion eases the job of Interviewers. Also, BarRaiser AI detects Illegal questions, ensuring compliance and providing a better candidate experience

Tagged Recording

Improve your workflow, with automated question tagging so that you can gain access to all the important questions with our time-tagged recorded interviews. Jump to the questions you need to revisit with just one click.

Feedback recommendation

No more typing the feedback, now you can fill the comprehensive feedback in just few clicks. Get intelligent feedback recommendations on each question to provide faster and better feedback and save interviewers time without missing any details.

BarRaiser global Score

Each interviewer is different from others, while some are lenient, others are tough. With BGSTM (BarRaiser Global Score) - We process a huge amount of data to analyze the interviewers and normalize the scores to mitigate any bias.

Here’s how BarRaiser Works


Standardized interview process with comprehensive view of Candidate’s performance helps to mitigate bias.


Streamlined processes that upgrade your hiring funnel for the top notch candidates


Processes like scheduling interviews, capturing feedback automated and enhanced faster hiring


Take smarter recruitment decisions with valuable objective as well as subjective feedback


Integrate with your HR tech Stack

Cut short hiring time with seamless integrations and brilliant workflows