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Cost of a bad hire and how to avoid a bad hire.
Interview IntelligencePeople Manager

Cost of a Bad Hire and How to Avoid Bad Hires

  Employees are the frontrunners of each and every business. Good and efficient hiring is …

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Interview IntelligenceInterviewer Training

How to detect cheating in a video interview?

Introduction on how to detect cheating during an interview? Remote job interviews are becoming more …

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How to Interview a Candidate More Experienced Than You?
Candidate ExperienceInterview Intelligence

How to interview a candidate more experienced than you?

You’re a hiring manager. You come across the resume of a potential candidate you have …

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DEIInterview Intelligence

How to conduct inclusive interviews

Introduction  Your organization may be hiring only for a few roles right now. However, now …

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Measure diversity score of you hiring process
DEIPeople Manager

How to measure interview diversity score

Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is a major part of the hiring process of …

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How does cycle of hiring and layoffs tend to undo all inclusivity efforts. Companies need to approach each phase very carefully.
People ManagerTalent Ops

The Dichotomy in the Paradigm of Hiring and Layoffs- How it Affects DEI (Diversity, Equality, Inclusion)

The summer of 2020 and the murder of George Floyd brought racial tensions to a …

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outsource Interviews
InterviewerTalent Ops

Why Should You Outsource Interviews?

Introduction  “Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed nothing else can be …

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What is the best way to schedule interviews?
InterviewerStructured Interviews

How to Schedule Job Interviews Efficiently

Why are we talking about scheduling interviews? In the last several decades, the world has …

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Build more diverse teams by removing bias in interviews and promote DEI

How to Avoid Recency Bias in Interviews

What is recency bias and how it affects interviews? Picture this: You’re a hiring manager …

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