How to Hire the Most Skilled API Developer?

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API (application programming interface) development is a vital part of many businesses, and it’s important to have the right person on your team to help you build those applications.

What are the Responsibilities of an API Developer?

API Developers are responsible for creating, managing, and maintaining APIs. They should be familiar with both the technical and business aspects of developing APIs. Some common skills include programming, database management, and website design.

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Skills to Look for in an API Developer


1. API Design

API design skills are essential for any developer creating an API, and there are a few specific areas to think about when designing an API

API design principles include being clear about your business goals, determining what data needs to be accessed, and designing the most efficient routes possible. Additionally, pay attention to security and authentication measures when developing an API.

2. Cross-platform development

When hiring an API developer, you will want to look for skills in cross-platform development. This means that the API developer is familiar with developing APIs that will work on both web and mobile platforms. Additionally, the API developer should have experience working with different programming languages, including those used for building web applications and mobile apps.

3. Front-end development

When hiring an API developer, find someone who is proficient with both front-end and back-end development. It is important to have a developer who can create an interface that is easy to use for your end users and also has the knowledge to build backend functionality. Additionally, ensure the developer you hire is familiar with RESTful APIs and has experience creating applications that use them.

4. Coding languages

API developers typically use a coding language to write the code that interacts with an API. Some popular languages API developers use include Java, Python, and Ruby. It’s important to choose the right coding language for the task at hand, as this can impact the overall efficiency and quality of the code.

5. API orchestration skills

When it comes to hiring an API developer, you’ll want to be sure to look for skills in orchestration. This means being able to plan and manage the flow of data between systems, ensuring that your APIs are working as intended and responding quickly in the event of errors. 

6. API Integration knowledge

API integration knowledge is essential for any developer looking to create a successful relationship with an API. A well-versed developer will be able to understand the protocols and methods used by an API, as well as the parameters and responses that are returned. Additionally, they should have experience working with JSON, XML, and YML files, as well as object-oriented programming.

7. Programming tools

API developers need to be able to program in a variety of languages, such as Python, Java, or Ruby. API developers need to have strong programming skills and knowledge, and be able to work with code and databases. They need to be able to work on projects independently and have excellent problem-solving skills.

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