The Best Way to Setup Your Tech Team

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The Best Way to Setup Your Tech Team

BarRaiser platform helped The customer to Fix the organisation structure through data-driven insights.

Apr 4, 2022

More often than not, the job descriptions along with the expectations set for the roles in question seem the same over various organisations. Yet an employee with a stellar performance in company A, can’t qualify the technical interview with company B.

Our well-articulated and elaborate expectations for a job role often differ from our requirements.

One of the BarRaiser customers designed an interview structure for a Deep Learning Engineer (Data Science domain) on the platform. The customer was processing a data pipeline of ~2 TB in a day and hence incorporated Distributed Systems or Parallel Processing as one of the main deciding factors.

the scores presented interesting insights.

Upon completing a few interviews on BarRaiser Platform, the scores presented interesting insights.

Distributed Systems/ Parallel Processing

All the candidates scored the least in Distributed Systems/ Parallel Processing. On further analysis conducted with the client, we found that the jobs were advertised for Deep Learning Engineers, hence candidates with experience in Data Science were applying.

Recruiter/ hiring managers were spending hours screening CVs based on the ML/ DL parameters when requirements were aligned with the Data Engineering Domain.

The evidence of this insight led to 2 conclusions, either the shortlisting process changes or the interview structures change (and hence the expectations).

On reviewing the data the customer decided to restructure the team with a Data Platform team, fulfilled by data engineers handling distributed data pipelines, and a Deep Learning team housing data scientists.

“BarRaiser interviews helped us align our organisation structure to adapt to the talent pool available. Thus, helping us hire faster and built a more robust product.”  – Engineering manager

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