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Make better and faster hiring decisions with BarRaiser. Gain exposure to the entire pool of candidate interviews. Better collaboration with recruiters to hire top candidates.

No more confusion with your next hire

Share BarRaiser Global Scorecard with your peers for second opinion and be confident about your next hire.

Hire more with few interviews

Save interviewing time spent on candidates that don’t meet the technical skillset. Team up with recruiters to pitch in early in the interview process, with each interview's insights at your fingertips and structure the interviews in an efficient way

Data backed unbiased decision making

Make better hiring decisions by accessing detailed evaluation report about each candidate. Objective scoring with BarRaiser platform makes decision making accurate and bias-free.

Improved candidate experience --> Higher offer acceptance

Structured and bias free interview brings trust among candidates about the process and build a strong brand in the talent community. Design seamless interviewing process for awesome candidate experience on BarRaiser platform. 

Free up team’s bandwidth

Use BarRaiser Community Experts for the interviews and let your team focus on technical development and acheive your business targets without compromising on hiring targets


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