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Creating a
Global Standard
for Interviews

We have built the World's Leading Interviewing Software to hire great talent faster for organisations. The AI Powered Interviewing Platform is 24x7 round the clock schedule interviews with BarRaiser Interview Experts to conduct predictive, fair and trusted experience.

With the evolution of technology, candidates' learning has broken the traditional bounds. There are new ways of learning, empowering candidates to explore all domains and advance their knowledge in their areas of interest.

But, the conventional validation of skills by companies prevents them from getting the job they deserve. There is a gap between talent and opportunity, and we at BarRaiser, are bridging this gap by providing accurate validation of individual's skills with structured interviews in various domains.

BarRaiser experts

Our expert partners are data scientists, product managers, technology leaders placed at well-reputed firms like Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Uber, Microsoft, etc.

They have established themselves as well known faces in their respective fields and are recognized as subject matter experts.

BarRaiser technology

We understand that evaluation should be fair and transparent. Hence, our live interviewing platform is equipped with smart technology to direct the interview and keep a quality check throughout the process.

Our proprietary AI analyzes 200+ data points throughout the interview to create a comprehensive feedback and assessment report. Provided with a video tagging feature, any team member can jump to the relevant question and can connect with candidates via chat directly.

BarRaiser Global Score

Only 1 in 5 candidates perform up to the mark after hiring. Modern organizations need agile employees who can solve industry problems and have a futuristic vision to help organizations excel.

Evaluating correctly and hiring the right people makes all the difference in a company's success. Our proprietary AI generates a normalized BarRaiser Global Score (BGS) - an industry-acclaimed benchmark of candidates' true potential based on various data points throughout the interview

Standardizing the interview process to make it smart, simple and effective

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