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Spending a lot of time interviewing candidates, team members are not able to focus on business goals, conversion is a problem in your hiring funnel, you are at the right place!

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It’s time for your hiring team to turn the interview process into a fair and joyful experience for candidates . Like an OS, BarRaiser connects the hiring team, interviewer community, and recruitment function, allowing them to deliver powerful candidate experiences.

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Frequently asked questions

Interview-as-a-Service is a solution offered by BarRaiser where a community of experienced interviewers conduct interviews on behalf of the company, providing a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate.

The company provides details about the role and the desired candidate profile, and BarRaiser assigns a qualified interviewer from its community to conduct the interview. The interviewer provides feedback and a score for the candidate, which is then used to generate a report for the hiring team.

Interview-as-a-Service provides a more thorough evaluation of candidates, as well as saves the company time and resources in conducting interviews. It also reduces the potential for bias and increases the chances of making the right hiring decision.

The interviewers in the BarRaiser community are experienced professionals from a variety of industries and backgrounds. They have been vetted and qualified by BarRaiser to ensure high-quality interviews.

 BarRaiser provides guidelines and training to its community of interviewers, and also provides feedback and support throughout the interview process to ensure high-quality interviews.

Yes, the interviews can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company and the role being filled.

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