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AI-powered Interview Assistant by BarRaiser
BarRaiser SAAS platform
BarRaiser Barraiser SAAS platform images
BarRaiser Barraiser SAAS platform images

Frequently asked questions

The Interview Assistant is an AI-powered tool that provides guidance and structure to the interviewer during the interview process. It helps conduct more effective and consistent interviews while ensuring fairness and reducing bias.
The Interview Assistant provides real-time feedback to interviewers, alerts them if they go off track from the interview structure, and offers coaching for better interviews. It also has a live note-taking feature to capture important insights and observations during interviews, which can be used to improve the interview process over time.
Yes, BarRaiser interview assistant can be easily integrated with your existing ATS. We offer integrations with many popular ATS such as Greenhouse, Lever, and Workday
Yes, BarRaiser interview assistant can be integrated with video meeting tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. This allows you to conduct interviews remotely while still utilizing our powerful interview assistant.