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Interview Intelligence Platform

Reduce time to hire using interview intelligence

Improve your hiring decisions and achieve quality hires with our Interview Intelligence platform, which offers data-driven insights and interview coaching


Our Core Features

Intelligent Interview Reports for high interviewing standards.
Intelligent Scoring that upgrades interviewing skills-BarRaiser.
BarRaiser SAAS platform

Frequently asked questions

Interview Intelligence is a software that transforms the hiring process through recording, transcribing, suggestions, and post-interview analytics. It helps recruiters conduct consistent and well-structured interviews, resulting in better hiring decisions and an improved candidate experience.
Steps include identifying key competencies, using technology for screening candidates, training interviewers, standardizing the interview process, gathering and analyzing interview data, and continuously improving the interview process
BarRaiser's Intelligent Interview platform is an AI-powered interview software that helps recruiters conduct well-structured interviews and gather data-driven insights. It improves the recruitment process intelligence and leads to better hiring decisions
BarRaiser's Intelligent Interview platform provide interviewers with data-driven insights that help them identify top talent, improve their interviewing process, and make better hiring decisions. It also improves the candidate experience, reduces bias, and prevents bad hires.